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Shanghai Dragon (Group) Corporation(SDC)is among the first public listed companies in China, which focuses on the business of urban fashionable dress & home textile and foreign trade. To this day, SDC has grown into a trans-region, trans-nation modern industrial group composed of over 20 wholly-owned, share-holding and share-participating subsidiaries.

SDC owns a series of brands which is well known in domestic market, such as ¡°Threegun¡± and ¡°Mum¡± knitting underwear, ¡°Conch¡± shirt and suit, ¡°Minguang¡± and ¡°Happiness¡± bedding, ¡°Bell 414¡±, and ¡°Queen¡± towel, ¡°Phoenix¡± blanket, etc., among those brands there are 2 China resound trademarks and 8 Shanghai name brands. Meanwhile, SDC possess advanced knitting and ornament research institutes and predominates large domestic sales network comprised by over 6000 terminals, along with textile exporting network across lots of countries and regions in 6 continents.

SDC¡¯s assets is beyond 4 billion Yuan and its revenue of major business reached 3.28 billion Yuan in 2003, together with nearly 200 million dollars self-supporting export. Due to those above, SDC has developed into a leading group in domestic textile area.

SDC owns large advanced intensive industry-trade integrated producing bases which can meet customers¡¯ diversified demands across the world through carrying on orders. The annual capacities of bases include: 18000 ton knitting material, 55 million pieces of knitwear, 500 million sets of bedding, 13 million pieces of towels, 1 million pieces of blankets, 5 million pieces if shirts, 500 thousand sets of suits, 500 thousand pieces of sportswear, 500 thousand sets of habiliments and 30 million meter cloth printing and dyeing capacity.

Heading on technique innovation and Brand Introduction, SDC relies on powerful knitting, home textile material and clothes producing bases and aims to become a strong urban textile industrial group both advanced in domestic and well-known worldwide. Our pursuing target is ¡°Concentrating in fashion industry¡±.

Shanghai Dragon (Group) Corporation have developed a serious of brands including traditionally national brand, new brand, international co-brand, and grew into a multi-brand corporation. We own ¡°Threegun¡±, ¡°Conch¡±, which are honored as ¡°Chinese Famous Brand¡±, ¡°Chinese Well-known trademark¡±, and the brands of ¡°Minguang¡±, ¡°Mum¡± , ¡°Happiness¡±, ¡°Bell 414¡±, and ¡°Queen¡±, ¡°Phoenix¡± ,which are listed as ¡°Famous Brand of Shanghai City¡±. We co-operate with many famous international brands including DISNEY¡¢RICALEWIS¡¢BAUMLER in Knitting Textile, Home Textile, Apparel field.

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