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Conch Corporation was born in 1950. People regarded collar as the most important index to judge shirt quality at that time. We pursued in the improvement of this key index and reached big success. We developed some advanced technology firstly in China and Our technology indexes reached top level in international market. At the same time, Due to new design and high quality, Conch shirts were well popular with Chinese people and promoted the whole shirt industry’s development.

1970’s, We registered the Conch trademark, and carried out a new round of tech innovation. Conch shirt was honored “Golden Quality Prize” by China National Quality Certification Committee.

Since 1990’s. The new leader of Conch Corporation, Dai Ziyi, actively carried the challenge of marketing economy following with the innovation and opening-up of China. We paid more attention to product development and new technology research, put lots of new products to the market to meet consumers’ changing needs, such as green ecological products, Nanometer shirt, and Prolivon warming shirt, etc.
We also built up scientific management system, and carried out quality management in the international top-level. We absorbed the advanced tech of Manufacture Resource Plan-2(MRP-2) and Supply Chain Information Management system. These actions improved our efficiency deeply, and made us pass through ISO9002 quality certification in 1998 and “Chinese Environmental Marking Product” certification in 2001,and won the honor of “China Famous Brand” in 2001.  

Entering 21cn, More and more international brands are involved in Chinese market, This makes the competence of Chinese shirt industry more fierce. We take brand operation as our most important task, with the proper positioning, to fight for greater business.

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