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“Phoenix” blanket owns a brilliant history, with the prizes of “National Silver Prize”, “China Warmest Sale Product”, “Shanghai Famous Brand”, etc. Furthermore, China government present “Phoenix” blanket as national gift to Nixon while he visited China as American president. In internal market, Our market share always lists in the top three. People hotly buy “Phoenix” brand reached in most top shopping center in Shanghai city, such as Ganghui Shopping Square, New World shopping mail, etc.
“Phoenix” blanket has  entered international market extensively. In Russian market, Our brand is well known, and the sale volume in Russian market accounts for 2/3 of our all export billings.
We also carry out business in most developed countries with different means, such as co-operating with international brand to development Australian and New Zealand market, OEM for Japanese enterprise, making special product to meet American and Europe market. We pursue in providing more warm life to people through our products and services.

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