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Totally invested RMB335 million, with an area coverage of 228 mu.

Annual capacities comprising 18,000 ton of knitting fabrics and 55 million pieces of knitwear. Main products include fabrics and underwears made of environmentally-friendly fiber, spandex, super-slim fiber, optical fiber, and blended fabric; and functional fabrics and underwears made of biotic enzyme, Remote infrared processed fiber, and antibacterial fiber. Besides, all production is in the trend regarding style, color and function.

Applied ERP Management System by SAP(Germany).

Equipped with over 100 sets advanced knitting, bleaching, dyeing&finishing, and quality inspection facilities from from technologically advantaged nations, i.e. Italy, Holland, Germany and etc.

Products distributed most widely in more than 70 countries and regions over the world,i.e Japan, the States, Great Britain, France, Australia, Panama, Saudi Arabia, and etc.

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