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Building up Prolivon market- We held the press conference of our Prolivon product in Shenyang city
    Sep 20, the press conference about Prolivon products of Shanghai Dragon Corporation was held in Shenyang city. The leader of Shenyang Commercial administration came the present and extended his congratulation. Twenty province-level and city-level news institutions including TV station, radio station, and news paper, attended this conference.
    Li Lingling, the associate general manager of our corporation,hosted the press conference, and Chengying, general manager, introduced our corporation, background of Prolivon producing, feathers of fiber, market operation, etc. to honored guests and reporters. Manager Chen emphasized that our corporation, which owned multitudinous textile brands with famous honors in internal market, paid attentions to brand culture construction, persisted in innovation, strengthened the research of popular tendency, and developed in brand innovation. From 2001 to 2005, We registered patents about 1000. Our program of technology innovation won state-level and city-level prizes  many times.  In 2005,Min’gaung Prolivon quilt was the first hangtag in China through independent R&D, and We succeeded in transformed it to terminal consumer market. Nowadays, We have created series of products taking Prolivon technology patent as core.
    On this press conference, reporters warmly inquired questions, and every spokesman answered these question actively. Reporter from Shenyang Tv station interviewed manager Chen, and broadcasted this conference in China City Report program.

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